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A genetic disorder in which a male's penis is exactly one half (1/2) the size of his index finger. Effects nearly 20 % of the American populous. Symptoms of the Dean Gene include but are not limited to:

1. And unusually tiny penis (giving the appearance that one's testicles are enormous in comparison)

2. The appearance or behavior of small woodland creatures, primarily squirrels.

3. False or exaggerated claims of how hard you banged your fat ugly girl friend the previous night
Example 1:

Jim: Hey, i think that kid over there climbing that tree might have the Dean Gene

Bob: dude...thats a squirrel.

Example 2:

Trevor: I had sex with some chick who weighs more than me last night!

Alex: Dude, i think you have the Dean Gene
by chevydbag July 27, 2009
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