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A deterant stratergy used by woman to ward off sex offenders, whereby upon being raped, a woman will pretend to be dead in order to scare off the confused attacker.

Double-Deadnaughting (DDN) is when the offender himself, upon realising that his victim is trying to deadnaught, also goes into a sleep like manouver. This can result in a game of chicken, whereby each person is affraid to move; and may last up to several hours.
Seedy Pedo 1: "Oi, so what happened with you and that chick last night?"
Seedy Pedo 2: "Well, I took her back to some ally, and slipped one up her. She was putting up a bit of fighter at first, then after a few minutes she pulled a Deadnaught on me! I wanted to keep going, but without the fight, what's the point?"
Seedy Pedo 1: "You should have Double-Deadnaughted her!"
Seedy Pedo 2: "Fuck! Completely forgot!"
Seedy Pedo 1; "Rookie mistake.. Better luck next time."

Deadnaughting / Double-Deadnaughting
by Daughter 'n' Deadnaughter June 01, 2012
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