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1. A fart that sounds like a whisper, where in fact, it is a deadly release of methane from the deliverer's ass. Perfect for parties, movies, and first dates!
Jane Smith dropped a deadly whisper in the movie theater and was arrested and charge with 387 counts of murder.
by Its George Yeah July 25, 2007
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The act of walking over to a unknowing group of people, and releasing a heavy dose of gas on them from your steaming rectum...In order to fully complete the deadly whisper, one must calmly leave the area without drawing any attention to yourself. After you leave the infected area, move to your closest group of friends and whisper to them the dirty deed in which you just did. Then as they all turn to look at the unknowing group of individuals they will see the look of horror and disqust in their faces.
Your at a party some evening with your drinking buddies...You notice that the whole evening there has been an obnoxious pair of girls playing beer pong the whole night. They're nothing special to look at, but are ranting and raving like a pair of 10's. Not to mention the more they drink, the sexier they seem to think they are. No way can you stand for any nonsense anymore, its time to pull out the deadly whisper. You slowly creep to the pong table and make your move. You move your rectum at a strong angle towards their direction. You then proceed by breaking a good amount of wind. Its time then you move towards your friends and let them know what has just taken place. Everyone looks towards the girls, see's the grotesque looks on their faces, and gets a good laugh.
by Jesse E. January 16, 2008
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when someone with bad bad breath tries to tell you a secret and you swear you could just DIE!!!!
"damn teresa came to me with all her deadly whispers,...she should have kept that secret to herself!!!"
by vlesh May 01, 2008
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