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When you rage and see red, This final finishing blow is very useful, and can be characterized by its excessively deadly nature. So deadly in fact one punch renders the opponent a red stain on the ground. The force behind the attack is so great it results in instant molecular disruption of the cells in the victims body.
Dude 1 "Man you should have seen that bar fight last night!!"
Dude2 "what fight."
Dude1 "i saw that guy from the bar throw a Deadly Tedly.. I've never seen anything like it!"
Dude 2 "was it totally Bad-ass?"
Dude 1 "oh shit yeah, there was nothing left of the guy..."
Dude 2 "wow that musta been some real shit man."
Dude1 "indeed it was"
by Silentslade16 April 04, 2015
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