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A Dead Mom Kid is a person who takes what was intended to be a lighthearted, funny, stupid, and/or silly joke or moment and suddenly makes it awkward and serious by bringing up really personal details about themselves that you would figure to be something they want to keep in their private lives. Often times they do this very casually or try to talk about it like it's funny and you suddenly don't know what to say to them other than "that sucks" or "wow I'm sorry" to be polite. Often accompanied with trying to disengage oneself from the situation by means of excuse accompanied with a silent vow to never speak to said person again.

This most commonly happens when someone makes a casual "your mom" joke and the receiver of the joke responds with something along the lines of "My mom is dead" whether the joke was meant to be offensive or not.
Remember kids: Don't be the dead mom kid.
by Ikesorea January 12, 2011
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