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Ford powered midengine 2-seater, USA: 1971-1974. Europe: until about 1996. Originally a joint venture between Ford Motor Company USA and DeTomaso Automobili of Italy. Ford was enamoured by the the DeTomaso Mangusta (mongoose), an Italian midengine 2-seater with a Ford V8, but it wasn't quite up to the forthcoming USA safety and emission standards, so Ford approached DeTomaso about co-producing a sucessor: the PANTERA (Panther).

The Pantera used a 330 hp 351 Cleveland V8, mounted behind the seats, but in front of the rear wheels (rear-mid-engine). This is the standard for Formula One Racing, because it offers near 50/50 weight distribution, but with a slight rear bias which is considered to be the best for acceleration, handling, and braking, especially with a rear wheel drive car.

The Pantera is no longer being produced, but its sucessor, the Guara, is. Also, although the Guara is an awesome car, Americans love the styling, name, and Ford V8 power of the Pantera. DeTomaso has a Pantera show car, and it just might return.
America needs a less expensive alternative to the Ford GT, Mosler MT900, and Saleen S7. Come on Ford, give the 'Vette a run for it's money!

The VERY FIRST Mustang (Mustang 1: driveable show car and pace car) was a midengine sportscar. How about a production FORD Mustang 1, and the return of the DeTomaso Pantera (sold by Lincoln-Mercury). You could use one platform for both.

I think the band PANTERA was named after the car.
by Car-roll Shelby fan July 14, 2006
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