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De boa might be one of the most flexible terms in nowadays brazilian informal dialogue.

The first use of De boa is to refer a calm and peaceful guy.

The second use of De boa means the same calmness from last definition, not being a permanent and part of the personality of someone, but an episodic and temporary stage of calmness. It is frequently used to decline some invitation to stay quiet in your place

Other use for De boa is exactly the same for "i'm cool" when you kindly refuse something they're offering you, like cigarette, food, etc.
How can someone fight this guy, he is so peaceful
Como alguém pode brigar com esse cara, ele é tão de boa

- Hey Jimmy do you wanna see new Adam Sandler's movie?
- No, i'm ok here

- Hey Jimmy você quer ver o novo filme do Adam Sandler?
- Não, tô de boa.

- Want a cigarette?
- No, i'm cool

- Quer um cigarro?
- Não, tô de boa
by zmnricardo November 06, 2015
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