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A totally amazing and considerate guy with lots of character. He can make anyone laugh and if you're having a bad day he can make you forget about troubles. He is truly a sweet heart to women and loves hard. He tend to go above and beyond to keep his girl happy and will do anything for her. He is a sucker for love and at times that's a disadvantage to his love live. He easily ran over by the girl he loves on. Outside of being very loveable and respectful he's a complete horn dog. He's always horny and has a pretty amazing sex life. His sexual persona makes a lot of girls want him but he's loyal and only a horn dog for his lover.
De'Undra his so sweet...
De'Undra be having me dying laughing
Oooo shit De'Undra got some good dick.
by AshTayLoves December 22, 2016
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