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This is a sexual position where the man stands in front of a woman on her knees. She strokes the man’s penis with one hand (like a joystick on a video game) and inserts a finger, or fingers, into the man’s rectum and thrusts furiously (like tapping a button on a video game). This continues until the woman gets her prize in the face and wins the game.
Origin: In 2002 a couple passed by the Arcade building, in Dayton, Ohio in the evening. They were walking behind some kids who were talking about the building. They speculated why it was called “The Arcade” and erroneously associated it with video games. The woman got an idea in her head and turned to face her man and her eyes were bright as could be. She said she had an idea for her own definition of the Dayton Arcade and she pulled the guy to a dark, secluded alley. She dropped his pants and commanded her remain standing and she got on her knees and “The Dayton Arcade” position was created.
by Pox Rox March 16, 2006
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