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1. One result of procrastination.

2. A type of behavior performed during daylight hours marked by extreme procrastination. It is characterized by the shuffling around one's house or dorm for many hours in search of meaningless activities with unnaturally short durations (e.g. getting a drink of water or eating chocolates every five minutes, watching the television, listening to music, or playing a game all for five minutes yet in ten minute intervals). Such behavior is caused by the ever-present threat of doing work and the fear that committment to any other activity might preclude one from performing the said assignment or studying. All actions are results of cognitive processes which derive from a mild form of schizophrenia.
(Nick's mental process): Peanuts. I love peanuts. *eats peanuts*. I need water. No, you need to start the assignment, now!. I don't want to start the assignment yet, though. *drinks water* I will eat some more peanuts. *eats peanuts*
by Jacob February 13, 2005
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