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On the 15th of July every year an ancient tradition descending back from pagan times. On this very day any person with the name going by McLawry must be served and treated like a king of his own kingdom and is entitled to have what ever he so desires. This includes blow jobs, hand jobs or any sexual gratification. If this is not done this could bring about the end of days as it is a bad omen of a lawry to be denied his God given rights.
Hey woman I here by declare my name is McLawry and today is the 15th of July' Day of the McLawry Now to save the rest of humanity you must now get on your'e knees and suck me off for no less than 30 minutes and after that you will ride me like a horse until my hip bones have been atomized. Do this and you shall be doing your'e part in saving all of humanity.
by Corpserooter July 07, 2018
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