"Day Stud" is short for "Day Student"

The term was created by the Class of '11 at Miss Porter's School. It is a shorter, cooler version of the Day Student title.

It can be applied to any group of Day Students that is seen as cool on campus, instead of the usual special students that don't live on campus.
The term is used to describe the students of a boarding school that do not live on campus, or students in college that do not live in the dorms.
Becky: I don't know if I want to board or be a day student next year...
Sylvie: You should be a day stud, they are sooo much cooler than boarders. They get all the perks of boarding school, but they aren't stuck there all the time!
Becky: Yeah! That sounds fun! I want to be a day stud.
by GamerGalBecky May 4, 2009
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A day in which all males who feel they are a complete bad ass, regardless of female opinion, is true
Ex. You: I'm a stud, baby.
Her: You wish.
You: Your opinion is irrelevant. It's guaranteed true today. It's national stud day!
by favorite brother March 5, 2016
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