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David Shomen is the Savior of the Larry shippers and Co. Captains aside from Captain Niall Horan!
One fateful night a certain blonde hair, baseball capped young man named David Shomen was taking pics at Los Angeles near Electric Fountain. He heard a certain Curly haired lads voice and recognized it to be...

" Hey, you're Harry Styles! Mind if I get a pic? "

Shomen noticed a shorter tattooed man hanging on his arm. He was looking fondly into Harry's eyes.

" Sorry man, its best if we not "- Harry responded.

David was a bit down about this, but tweeted a pic of them anyways.
* Time Lapse*

Davids twitter was soon suspended by the evil Modest Management.

The Larry shippers have all the proof they need.
David gaineds tons of followers due to the news.
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