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Noun; A boy who seems to have the potential to rule the world. He is handsome, sexually appealing and has a great smile and humor to match. He is from Texas but belongs in Michigan.St.Clair to be exact. He tends to stray to others but he is a real genuine guy and deserves so much then he has been given in life. David Moore also goes by Chris and the Love Machine. He likes to say get naked frequently.
Overall he enjoys pissing "Candace" off but she still loves him and his amazing character.

Did I mention whenever he is seen a uncontrollable want takes over to rip his clothing off and cover him in chocolate syrup? yeah.... It happens.
Wow, I am extremely horny because of David Moore

I love you so much David Moore

David Moore says: Hey Candace
Candace says: Hey babeh
David Moore says: Get naked
by CandaceRose July 13, 2010
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