Probably the smartest film director alive. Made horror films in the 70s and then started making his unique "Cronenfilms" in the 80s. The formula is: show really fucked-up stuff in a really neutral way. Classic example: The scene in Videodrome where a guy grows a vagina-like stomach slit and then pokes around in it with a handgun while the camera just watches, like it's an instructional film ("What to do with Your New Organ"). The main rules of a Cronenfilm: Don't judge, just show. Don't make it exciting, just make it weird. But show what's really going on, even if it makes no sense. Best films: Scanners, Videodrome, The Fly, Crash, Naked Lunch, A History of Violence. Has been a huge influence on: horror movies (esp. the Ring movies) and sci-fi (esp. the Matrix movies). Best time to watch: drunk/high, or in a mood to think about weird shit. Worst time: when you're in the mood for action or romance.
Dude, that scene in the Matrix where the bug crawls into the guy's stomach? Totally David Cronenberg.


The Ring was trying to be David Cronenberg on crack.
by visene March 10, 2006
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