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A high school in Iowa where white kids think they're black. This school is not intended for those who make fun of ghetto people otherwise they will be shot. This school also has a really badass newspaper staff, and anyone entering the high school (with a brain) should definitely join the staff. Band and orchestra are awesome, and choir is okay I guess.

This high school is also skilled in destroying the minds and free wills of anyone who enters their doors.

For further refrence, please see example.
Guy: Yo girl, how was yo weeken'?

Girl: Mmhm, boy you know how I get when I party. And Deschelle and i were togetha earlier.

Guy: So how is yo' pre-pre-pre-algebra class?

Girl: Pleaz boy, i don't do my homework.

Note: These people are both white, they were also top of their middle school classes. untill they got to davenport north high school...
by pursuitofthewildcatsnotdyin' November 03, 2009
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