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Dauno is the term we use to describe a musical genius. Usually an alien, or superhuman. While a Dauno can possess special musical genius, a Dauno can also be a total jackass.
Due to Dauno genius, A Dauno's mind can often wander off. This explains the Dauno tendency to always be late for gigs. This rare nocturnal species also makes up a language of words to amuse or confuse others. While having an extensive vocabulary, Dauno's tend to cheekily repeat words they like, such as "vagina."
Dauno's are often prized members of the society in which they live, bringing musical joy to the masses, and creating inspiration among their musical peers.
Ways this word can be used:

Kevin: "That Dauno's a bad ass bass player."
Chuck: "Why can't that Dauno stop practicing?"
Kevin: "I don't get it; this must have been written using Dauno scales."

Music teacher: "If you practice heaps, you know, ten hours a day, for ten years, you might one day, get Dauno chops."
by Carlos Mora October 14, 2007
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