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A vehicle commonly used for "trolling" or picking up potential date rape victims. A date rape car should be a large, rear wheel drive American sedan with a bench seat in the front and rear. If at all possible the passenger side power window should be operational. The best way to utilize a date rape car is to pull up next to a casual aquantance and offer them a ride in a somewhat asserive manner.
1983 Ford LTD Crown Victoria aka Date Rape Car pulls up quickly at a bus stop with a potential victim waiting for a bus.

Driver- "get in the CAR!"
Victim-"Hey, aren't you John?"
Driver-"No that's not me, now get in the CAR. Get in!!!"
Victim walks away, car peels away from bus stop with the driver shouting " just get in, it's dark out, I'll give you a ride to the mall..."
by anachronism1977 October 27, 2009
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