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Dash_Jr is a famous board troll commonly found on the media site, Dash_Jr is known for his trolling antics throughout the web. He has been banned from numerous sites, and has created many Wikipedia sock puppets. He believes the Legend of Zelda series to be RPGs.

Dash_Jr is very difficult to get modded on GameFAQs as he trolls within the rules, so he has never been banned despite his behavior. Dash has written many reviews for games whether to troll people or for other reasons, but why is only known to him.

Some of Dash_Jr's accomplishments:

-Created several topics that have garnered 500 posts

-responsible for getting Angry Video Game Nerd suspended off Youtube

-created numerous sock puppet accounts on Wikipedia

-indirectly created a fad on the Nintendo DS Board on GameFAQs
by Daniel James Rollin August 31, 2008
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