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A pink dicked redhead who eats out girls on the rag in the shower. He claims this act keeps his pigment all gingery. He is often referred to as Ginger.

"Ginger" is also very bad at his job. Lazy, a bit overweight and smokes illegal indian cigarettes with no regard to what is in them. Even though it is a known fact they contain rat droppings and the remnants of used condoms.

Often annoying. Often talking about touching other men. Often found carrying paper bags into mens restrooms at truck stops and bars with rainbows on the sign. And often raising his arms and yelling in celebration of himself. Alone.
Dude that guy just put a humster up his ass while eating a balogna sandwich as his mother dripped period juice all over his face. What a Daryl MacArthur.
by The Other D December 28, 2010
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