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Darlington Peters is usually where an experience occurs, within a laundry normally. Soon as this happens, it is usually an experience where a young man normally of black descent falls for a girl of South Asian ethnicity.

This usually leads to a series of comments on Facebook pictures, where the young black man tries to 'pull-in' the young South-Asian girl. Normally through methods such as compliments and flirting. Sometimes even by the use of slang by the young black man, to convey the 'rudeboy' attitude and hence trying to impress the girl.
An example would be a convo between to random people:

Asif: Hey how did your washing get on the other day?
Aisha: Awww you're so sweet for asking, well it was really a Darlington Peters experience.

Asif: Oh =/, hope you gave him the "Ahh thanks :)" to show him you're not keen.
Aisha: Haha totally :D
Asif: I hope I never encounter the Darlington Peter experience ;)
by Metal Pita January 02, 2011
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