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Dark Samus is the evil counterpart of Samus Aran from the Gamecube game Metroid Prime 2 Echoes. After defeating the Metroid Prime in the first Metroid Prime game, the Metroid Prime absorbs your phazon suit and then explodes; from the remnants of the it's body, the Metroid Prime is reborn in the form of Dark Samus. Samus first meets Dark Samus on a planet called Aether. Aether is a planet in the Dasha region that has been hit by a meteor that devastates the planet and dimensionally splits it into two, Light Aether and Dark Aether. I believe Dark Samus was able to reach Aether by traveling on or in the meteor that hit Aether, just as the Metroid Prime did in the first game. Dark Samus has a bitter hatred for Samus the second she lays eyes on her, and they become mortal enemies throughout the game. Dark Samus craves Phazon energy so she can regenerate to her full power again and will destroy anything that stands in her way. Dark Samus uses Phazon based weaponry and can split and reassemble her body short of complete atomic disruption, making it nearly impossible to kill her.
I just got my ass whipped by Dark Samus again
by CloudScorpion December 18, 2005
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