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The dark psy culture is essentially a darker more intense version of psy people; who listen to music that can range all the way from Infected Mushroom to Pink Floyd to Dark Nebula; anything that is psychedelic with an experimental sci-fi horror atmosphere. They usually listen to psychedelic genres like: dark psytrance, psychill, and some dark psy people listen to art rock...
Now not all dark psy people are druggies, and some of them just get high off the music they listen to. Dark psy people are occasionally dressed a bit like hipster/hippies who wear black; sometimes even gothic outfits.
Dark Psychedelic person, "Hey man, listen to the track: None of this is Real, by Infected Mushroom."
Random guy, "k..."
Random guy walks home, goes on youtube, searches None of this is Real by Infected Mushroom, freaks out, comes back the next day.
Random guy, "WTF?"
Dark Psychedelic person, "What's wrong man?"
Random guy, "WTF?"
Dark Psychedelic person, "Here's my ipod playlist...listen and you'll never appreciate pop again."
(Playlist contains discographies of Infected Mushroom, Dark Nebula, Silent Horror, Pink Floyd, Devil Doll, Genesis)
Random guy died the next day.
by Pmaigks April 20, 2011
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