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If you happen to live within 150 miles of Harrisonburg, Virginia and you want your asshole to experience a thrashing sure to burn harder than the lava at Pompeii, you had best head to Dargon Palace. The Palace is a restaurant that serves Chinese food, as well as American ice cream and probably cat if you really want to know. Many people don't know that Dargon Palace exists, but if you live in Virginia and ever been outside and thought "Fuck, it really smells like ass today" chances are high that you just caught a whiff of the cooking that goes on in Dargon Palace.

Note: We are not trying to be racist about the cat thing, we just genuinely believe that you can eat that cat there. We aren't even trying to make a judgement. Cat actually probably tastes alright.
Bill: Yo, I'm hungry fool. Let's eat
Joe: OK. You want a side of bloody diahrrea with your food?
Bill: Yeah, man!
Joe: Then we should be hitting up Dargon Palace!

Another example:

Will: Dude, I thought you had a cat.
Bob: I did, but then the employees at Dargon Palace broke in and stole it.
Will: Shit, man. I ate there last night.
by The Eater of All the Dung January 04, 2018
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