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Daquirsten is a thug like person who is like the female version of Daquan. Daquirsten is very rich from her mixtape and owns a yacht. She has a squad and she goes 0-100 real quick. Haters are not match for Daquirsten. Daquirsten has black arms and a big booty but don't mess with her because her husband is part of her squad. She is sly as hell so she's hard to find when the police come. Also, Daquirsten parties hard.
Mom: I don't want you hanging out with Daquirsten she's too thug like.
Daughter: but mom if I don't her squad will get me!

Tonight I'm going to party like a Daquirsten!

Police: Where is Daquirsten we can't find her!
Squad: dunno she too sly.

News anchor: breaking news Daquirsten's mixtape has hit record
by Stretchalufagus bubba November 23, 2014
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