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A beautiful and elegant name rightfully so for the king of Stars. Names carved from the #1 Aquarius zodiac resides one with power. It is said that God himself has bowed before a daquarius. Typically a Daquarius is a black person. This is only because a true Aquarius king has to be a member of the first human "race". One who has not undergo mutations that changed and alter their hair texture, and eyes. A daquarius was always meant to be the first true king of land. They've often have always had an uncanny ability as well. Anything from the ability to have extra joints in their body. That or a significant talent in swaying people's opinion. If you ever meet a daquarius you should show nothing but the upmost respect. Be aware you are in the presence of the a king of stars.
You have a daquarius? Those are extremely rare God has bless you.
by Ancientoneofknowledge September 26, 2017
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