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A cult for people who love to party, fuck, and drink beer. A religion, if you will. The people of danunism, (also known as Danunists) respect their leader, Danacus. The people of Danunism must follow the 'Ten commandments of Danunism', which include: No pants on after 7 o'clock, no shirt saturdays are still on the go, & we will always be jacked.. with daniels. The motto for Danunism is "Always drink on a day that ends with a 'Y'" The flag for Danunism Includes pictures of beer pong, condoms, and a smiley face, and a giant 'Y' (In reference to the motto.) Danunism also has its own anthem.
Danunists: *Having a time, with everyone else in the Danunism cult*

Christians: Brb, reading the bible.
by Prouddanunist May 26, 2011
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