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section a:if one promises a party, one must deliver

section b: if the above is not fulfilled, the bro who has promised then denied his bros a party shall be sack-tapped 5 times from every bro who was promised the aforementioned party from the said time of denial until the end of eternity

section c: the above section will not apply if the bro who denies the party has decent reason to cancel the party, which shall be decided by the bros invited to the aforementioned party

section d: if the complied reason is sent to a fair vote and voted unfavourably, each and every bro hath opportunity to sack tap said first bro less than or equal to five (5) times

section d(a): if said sack taps are exhausted but one or more bros sack taps said first bro and uses the denial of the party as justification, thou bro is a dick hence usual rules apply
Dude: Broseph cancelled his party! WTF?!
Bro: Looks like Danny's law is about to take effect.
Dude: Was there a reason.
Bro: Nah.
Dude: Danny's law.
by DJBridge765 July 06, 2012
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