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Dannemora, NY (also affectionately known as Little Siberia) is nestled among the Adirondack mountains. The closest "city" is Plattsburgh, which is only considered a city because it has a Super Walmart. Dannemora is home to the largest state prison in New York, Clinton Correctional Facility. Most people who live in Dannemora either work at the prison, live inside the prison, or have family who lives inside the prison. The beautiful white wall surrounding the prison gives tourists the feeling that they took a wrong turn somewhere. The village has two gas stations, a pharmacy, a liquor store, and an old high school turned gym. Most people from Dannemora either become a corrections officer, or eventually decide to leave because they don't want to bring their own kids up across the street from murderers and rapists. Formerly the home of rappers Tupac and Shine, the prison has also housed the Son of Sam and the Amityville horror guy. Unfortunately there are no bars in Dannemora, so even the loneliest of cold winter nights have to be spent drinking Genny Light alone in your home. Tourist attractions other than the prison include: Lyon Mountain, lots of snow, the skating rink on prison grounds, the slums of Bouck Street, and the village wide yardsales.
"Let's go check out that big prison in Dannemora, NY"

"I wonder if I'll ever get out of Dannemora"(Both inmates and residents alike)

"Dannemora mountain is closed because of all the snow"

"Dannemora, the nicest prison town from here to Altona"
by Dannemoraguy101 March 11, 2009
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