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A rare breed of mountain bear that also exibits a behavior or homosexuality. The homosexual bear is born gay, and just as select few humans are homosexual, the Daniel Schadt is straight in the same way. They also prefer the taste of cream, siphoned out of the center of cream filled doughnuts, and other pastries. They are also overweight, and short for the bear species, fostering great hand-eye coordination, for a bear. They are capable of playing video game systems, such as Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. They always fight for their territory fiercely, but with no skill what-so-ever in combat, they are normally destroyed and humiliated. If camping in the Worth, Illinois area, beware of these foul beasts. They will strike at any moment, letting loose their battle-cry of ''NYUAAAAAAAAA'', while letting forth motions that seem to appear as a seizure. Throwing a few Oreos towards it will set its appetite though, as that is their main food source. A slap to the back will also disable the beast. So remember to watch out, for the Daniel Schadts of the world.
Those Daniel Schadts have been causing such a racket today!

Danny is a homosexual bear who likes to suck his doughnut cream.

''NYUAAAAAAAA'' let loose the feral Danny, as it charged the cookie hoarding boy scout troop.
by Bobinator22 August 19, 2011
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