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Pronounced the way it's spelled, you- you just read it phonetically. Anyways...
Danieh is man among men among men, in other words, he's the top dog. And like a dog, he knows how to hop a good fence.

If you ever come across a Danieh, you better bet your bottom dollar that he's smooth enough to steal your girl and your top dollar, so protect your bucks and your does for God's sake!

A Danieh is unparalleled in tracing, knowledge in Dragonball Z, and pretty much any illegal activity you can imagine.
*In the very far future of genetic creation and customization*
Fan of Danieh- "Excuse me sir, but I couldn't help but notice how you're just so gosh darn handsome!"
Man- "Oh thanks! My style inspiration is from Danieh!"
Fan of Danieh - "Wow wee woah woah, that's my inspiration too! What a small world!"
Man- "Yes, yes indeed"

By this point in time there is a religious practice called "Daniehism" in which the members jump over fences whilst eating Takis in remembrance the original Danieh who regularly practiced the same thing.
by Morrisdude September 05, 2018
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