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Similar to 'strange' as it relates to a random sexual hook up or one night stand, Danger Strange signifies a higher level of strange. This is a potential sexual partner who is more than strange but potentially dangerous, emotionally and/or physically, usually because of their associations, wild erratic behavior caused by extreme personality disorders, or simply because they've reached a level of existence that causes them to be less concerned about mortal peril or the social consequences caused by their actions.

A fine example of Danger Strange is the character, Queen Kwenthrith, played by Amy Bailey in the popular History Channel series, "Vikings" or any character played by Fairuza Balk or Fairuza Balk herself for that matter.
I watched the girl engage her friends. She had a pierced nose, a pierced tongue, and rainbow-colored cotton candy hair. She laughed and carried on with abandon, drinking and swearing like a sailor. Our gazes met and I knew right away she was DANGER STRANGE; I knew right away I had to have her and know her like in the Bible.
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