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A game which is played in a group environment (such as a college dorm or a workspace with cubicles). The player sits down at a computer, removes their pants, and then process to masturbate to porn on their computer which is playing at an extremely high volume. Meanwhile, the door to their room/office should be open (so that passers-by will be able to hear the porn) and the object of the game is for the player to complete their masturbation session without getting caught.

This game is best played when drunk, as getting caught is less embarrassing.
John came back from a long night of drinking. He opened his door, turned up his stereo and took off his plants. John was ready for a rousing game of Danger Porn. He then proceeded to start the porn and masturbate vigorously in hopes to finish before any passers by approached. John finished but didn't have time to clean off his chest before he had company - oh well!
by _Paradox_ March 02, 2010
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