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The one perk that broke modern warfare 2

What it does:

1. Increased explosive damage: increase the radius of explosives such as grenades, C4, and rockets. There go noobs and the grenade launchers

2. Increased air support: basically your killstreaks become much stronger. There is no running from Harriers, Helicopters, AC-130, or Airstirkes (even with Cold Blooded on)

How its used: campers and noobs use it with One Man Army, camp in one spot, and noob tube the fuck out of a map. Then they call in the Harrier and camp, call the AC-!30/Chopper Gunner and camp some more, then call in the nuke, end the game and ruin it for the rest of us.
Guy 1: (Kill Cam) That douche noob tubed me from across the map
Guy 2: Well duh, he has danger close pro, he can camp the whole map and then call in a stealth bomber
Guy 1: This game is full of these mother fuckers, I'm going to play MoH where there are no retarded perks
by Crunch666 December 13, 2010
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