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Danesse. *Pronounce as ; Da-ni-s*

People often pronounce her name wrong, because of the special way her name is spelt.

Danesse is a unique person with lots of things to show. Simple, sporty and very caring! She can change from personality to personality, like being talkative, quiet and sarcastic, depending on who she is with. She's easy to talk to, always there when you need her and easy to love. She also have a great personality!

People would say that she's nice, beautiful and have a great smile. With mostly dark hair, dark eyes and tanned skin, she's very different from others. She would think that she's not the prettiest girl in the world, and often envy some characteristic of other female friends, like hair, eyes, nose and body. Despite that, she still think that she was born that way. And that she's happy for what she got!

She would look for a guy with great smile, personality and appearance. ( Like Christopher )

She can be mean sometimes, but eventually, change. She doesn't like people who treat others bad. She also doesn't like assholes, who thinks their the best or just do stupid things.

Like what it says on top, Danesse is a unique and simple person!
Danesse is so nice!
by ~Ms. Roza~ October 22, 2011
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