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(DC'd for short)When you use a phrase from any of Dane Cook's stand ups that everyone knows, to make a situation funny, or to totally pwn a friend. Ex: Invite a friend to your house for dinner. Put any sticky substance on their fork/spoon to make then say, either out loud or subconsciously, "Why is this spoon so sticky?" And of course you reply with, "I just came" In turn they have been Dane Cook'd (or DC'd). But, it only works if the person you are doing it to knows Dane Cook, and this definition.

*Note: This can be done with any Dane Cook quote, in any situation you see fit.
-Guys, invite a chick into your home, then when you are both in say the following- "Welcome to the Jungle baby, you're gonna DIIIIEE!!! Nah I'm kidding, c'mon lets box!"

-Girls, if a guy is ever choking his chicken in front of you and whispers 'Do you like that?" Look at him with a serious face and say the fallowing- "No . . . Thanks for asking. I'm liking it less and less by the jerk even. I would rather get a dirty sanchez than continue to watch this."

Going to the drive through at Burger King and quoting the "Sweet and Sour sauce on my pussy" quote gets a lot of kicks, but only if the person knows Dane Cook, and has heard his harmful if swallowed stand up.

And the most suiting line to say afterwards would be, "Yeah, I just Dane Cook'd you, you glass bitch" Which in turn DC-ing them again.
by Messiah.XIII January 14, 2009
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