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A shit hole that is full of idiots. Most of the teachers have anger issues and are not properly qualified, most of them hate there jobs and abuse there power.
The janitors do not do there job properly which leads to fecal matter being smeared on the walls and piss everywhere.
Everyday you see kids being bullied in terrible ways (being thrown into trash cans,toilets etc.), yet the teachers do nothing because they only care for themselves.
There are always gangs and violence at the school between either Albanians or Serbians which leads to police being called almost daily.
Most kids bring knifes to school or worst axes.

If you don't want to be harassed or bullied or get involved with drugs do NOT go to this school.
Bill: "hey can't wait to go to Dandenong high school!"

Joe: "Why? that place is a hole!"

Bill: "Really why?"

Joe: "Because its rife with drugs, rape and bullying!. its like a prison if anything."

Bill: "Really? thanks for the heads up man!"
by me_934 February 28, 2010
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