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Dancube is a small company founded in 2004 April 4th.
Dancube, has many installments in entertainment such as:
Dancube Interactive < Full company name.
Dancube Movies < Dancube's old Movies name (See below)
Dancube Animation Studios< Dancube's new "Dancube Movies" name
Dancube Pictures < An old section, now dead and unused
Dancube Games Box < This name was used only once, now combined with "Dancube Interactive" hence the "Interactive" part

Dancube makes small animated movies, usually around 2-6 minutes long.
Dancube's main mascot is "Tokie" and stars in his own show, "The Tokie Show"
Dancube is known to discard full feature movies, examples would include:
"Why Bother With Stupidity?" EDIT: Dancube IS working on this movie, now called "I'm Stupid: Why Bother?"
"Random" Not much was known about this.
"The Tokie MOVIE!" Apparently, he didn't have time for this.
"Mission" Evolved into "Why Bother With Stupidity?" (See above)
"The Jungle" Scraped 1 day after being announced
As you can see, they do not like making full feature movies.

The movie Random was rumored on the Dancube Forums that it's still in production, these are just rumors.
Dancube is run by 1 person, Daniel Carville.

A small games/movie producer is working along side Dancube to make the movie "I'm Stupid: Why bother?"
Dancube is AWESOME! - Knox's Korner Forums user
by Dave Pather March 31, 2007
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