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A chaperon at a high school dance that is constantly breaking up the bumping and grinding.
Yo son, here come those Dance Nazis to break up our Missy Elliot freak on. Don't those dance nazi's know there ain't nothin wrong with a lil' bump'n'grind?

Sorry Sandra, I have to go be a Dance Nazi tonight at the high school to keep all those sex crazed high school kids from making babies on the dance floor.
by obama chia February 07, 2011
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1) Members of an exclusive group who only partner with each other when dancing. Usually students of the same ballroom dance class. Defined by their strict adherence to specific dance moves no matter what type of song is playing.

2) A dancer who does not deviate from a certain step routine while dancing...
1) "I went to the club hoping to meet some girls. But the only ones I liked were with the Dance Nazis, so I couldn't cut in.."

2) "He was busting some moves during the Electric Slide, but then he tripped over a dance nazi."
by Chetmo June 27, 2008
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