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To perform anal sex without sufficient lubrication, thus causing bleeding.
John: We were out of KY so I totally did the dance in the vampire bund.
Sally: You are a terrible person
John: I know. I should kill myself.
by Rutilcaper April 21, 2010
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1) A supernatural romance manga/anime series by Tamaki Nozomu. As the title suggests, it's about vampires.

A grandchild of Dracula, Mina ลขepeลŸ, pays all of Japan's debts and in return gets allowance to build an island at the coast where vampires can live. But extremists of both humans and vampires want to kill her.

2) Performing anal sex without sufficient lubrication leading to bleeding.
1) Person 1: You watched a dance in the vampire bund? O.o
Person 2: Not THAT kind of, I mean the anime.

2) Person 1: I went out of lubrication so I did the dance in the vampire bund.
Person 2: You are a cruel one.
Person 1: I know, but punishment followed quickly anyway.
by Last guy 8 June 07, 2010
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