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Dana (Dan•uh) has a caring, giving soul. She is a girl of many talents and always full of jokes. She is beautiful, even if she doesn't know it. Men want her and women want to be her friend. Dana is an honest, funny, and adventurous person! She is a woman who can hang with the guys and will surprise you with the things she knows. Dana is typically very kind, but she also takes no shit off of anyone. If you haven't met a Dana (Dan•uh) then you should get off your ass and go meet one before planet earth has a zombie apocalypse!
"If you need someone to talk to, Dana will listen and cheer you up."

Person 1- " Who is that ? "

Person 2- "Oh, that's
Dana (Dan•uh) she's cool as


radiant beautiful funny wild bad ass extraordinary golden silly rockstar
by The Jane Fonda October 10, 2013
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