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An amazing alcoholic beverage, as follows:
1. A Jagger bomb (A shot of Jaggermeister bombed into a red bull)
2. An Irish Carbomb (A shot of half baileys, half jameson, bombed into a guiness)
3. An American Honey Snakebite (A shot of american honey with lime, chilled)
4. A glass of water.
(1-3 are a race, 4 is sipped. do not repeat until finished with all 4).
It is worth noting that whenever three or more people order Dan shots together, the entire bar frequently turns to watch what is going on.
Dude A: I'm not that drunk.... I only had 4 drinks.
Dude B: Yeah, but they were Dan shots, so that's like 12 or 13 normal drinks.
Dude A: A Dan shot is one drink. I am sober.
by omg he's right September 30, 2015
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