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An American term.
A 'Damn hick' is a term used by self-respecting and/or stereotypical northerners against stereotypical southerners or at least someone from the south displaying at least one stereotypical trait that may or may not happen again. This insult isn't used periodically, but only in the heat of the moment.
Also used against a southerner living in the north, but flaunting the fact that they plan to move back to the south.
This is the opposite of the word 'damn yankee'.

Southerner- I hate it up here! It's cold, the snow is never ending, and all of you yankees wont quit driving so slow! I wanna move back to the south!

Northerner- You're so annoying, you damn hick!

Northerner1- This guy is driving so slow! It's not even raining that hard! MOVE IT, ya damn hick!

Northerner2- Dude, chill, he probably just doesn't want to go off of the side of the road.
by khione March 06, 2011
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