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A damasek refers to a dean or supervisor at a school who is extraordinarily strict.

Used as a verb, to damasek is to apply strict rule over a body of students. Often, rules will be enforced that have no logical ramifications, but nothing can be done because a damasek is nearly omnipotent in control over a student body.
Student 1: I was using my phone to check my email and see if I had any homework, but it got taken away!
Student 2: Did it get damasek'd?
Student 1: Yeap.

Student: Mom, today the damasek at school took away my phone.

Mom: Why?! We've not very rich and we've worked so hard to pay for your phone bills!
Student: I told her that, but she wouldn't listen!
by AnAverageStuyGuy October 04, 2011
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