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CP Coulter is the author of the widely know fan fiction called Dalton. This fan fiction has...5942 reviews this very moment that I'm writing this. Dalton is one of, if not the best thing to happen to the Glee fandom on You should read it. It ships Klaine and Rane and gondolas Jogan. Dalton is the story of what happened to Kurt from Glee when he was at Dalton, however it goes past the Born This Way episode when Kurt goes back to McKinley. There are many Other Characters CP has made up such as the Brightman Twins, Dwight Houston, Logan Wright, Julian Larson, Reed van Kamp, and Shane Anderson. The plot of the story itself deals with romance, danger and a deranged psycho. Along with it's amazing plot is metaphors from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol
Julian's eyes widened. Quickly, he patted Logan's pockets. "Logan, where's your medication?"
The disoriented prefect made a deep sigh. "If you'd really like to know, it's that way." He gestured absently to nothing.
Everyone looked around. Julian blinked. "What is?"
"What you want."
Seeing absolutely nothing, Kurt looked at him incredulously. "It is?"
Logan blinked. "It is what?"
"What you said was there!" Julian burst out.
"What's there?"
"Your medication!" Kurt snapped.
"What medication?"
"But you just saidβ€”!" Julian groaned in absolute frustration, resisting the urge to strangle his friend. He dragged a hand down his face as Kurt glared at the Twins who were expiring on the floor in fits of hysterical laughter.
"This is not funny!" Blaine scolded them.
"Yesβ€”it is!" the Twins gasped between chokes of laughter.
~From Chapter 26 Part 2 of Dalton by CP Coulter
by August 17, 2011
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