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A Dakota Fire Hole involves mixing Sriacha and a puree of fresh Carolina Reaper chili pepper. The mixture is then poured into a condom, tied off at the end and frozen. When things start to heat up with your partner, ask for a quick break to "run and get a new toy." Clip off one end with a pair of scissors, removed your spicy popsicle, run back into the room and jam it in her chili ring! Hold it there with your finger while you two get it on and keep loudly whispering "Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!."

Laugh hysterically on the way to the hospital. Explain to the admission's clerk what you just did and snapchat her reaction to a member of your church.

Finally, when the two of you return home, slap her with a Vlasic brand dill pickle.
Back in the day before filming one of her shows, Bob Dole gave Mary Tyler Moore a Dakota fire hole. What's why she cried for most of the episode.
by Wille_Stroker March 10, 2015
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