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A beautiful, brown eyed black girl. She is funny, goofy, intelligent, & focused. She can be very nice until you cross her.She is a VERY PETTY girl. She has a flirty personality. She's gone through something but she never shows it until someone prys it outta her or until she's behind closed doors. She's beautiful but she doesn't realize it. She acts conceited but has low self-esteem. She has a nice body and a nice ass. She's very talented. She loves sports. She good at very thing she does. She doesn't have very many friends because she doesn't like a lot of ppl. Girls tend to hate her so she has more guy than girls. When she loves someone she loves hard.But when she gives a guy her heart she pretty much love him for the rest of her life. She doesn't really like family. But regardless she'll always be there if they need her. You really need a daiuana in you life cause their is no one like her.
Daiuana has a fat ass
by Da'Iuana April 03, 2017
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