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Daiany - a girl like no other, usually Daiany's are outgoing, friendly, fun, some tend to be Brazilian which makes them super hot. It's not a very common name just like the person who's one of a kind.

I wish I was as awesome and hot as Daiany .
by tchzns March 22, 2009
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Someone who is very rude and disrespectful and likes to be a body artist, wants to be bigger but genetics hold her back. But most of all she is lazy. Doesn't do her work and copies her classmates. Likes Tacos because shes Latino. Shes short like a hobbit, and very skinny, not the typical latina.
I would never want to be Daiany if I were one I would go to a tattoo parlor because im a body artist.
by \dfdfsf April 20, 2018
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