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A game utilizing safely padded weapons so that hits do not need to be pulled. Players use weapons usually made of PVC Fiberglass, foam camping mat (Closed Cell), or couch cusions (Open cell). Participants are also required to wear fantasy garb and are encouraged to make their own clothes. Many Players affectionatley refer to dagorhir as "Dag"

Weapons include: Bow and Arrow, sword, hammer,etc. spear
Person 1: Hey I'm bored let's go beat people up with Padded PVC pipes!

Person 2: Okay, I heard there is a battle at the local Dagorhir chapter today.
by I.P. Frielie May 26, 2008
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A game played by nerds where they dress up in fantasy costumes and beat each other up with fake weapons. usually constructed from foam, pvc, fiberglass, and costumes usually consist of whatever can be found at goodwill or in grandma's closet.

Dag Guy 1: I love beating people up with foam and pvc. I wish I could get paid to play Dagorhir.
Dag Guy 2: Me too, it totally Rocks, this skirt is starting to chafe though, i think it has silverfish.
Dagawhore Katie: Mmmph mpmmmmmmppph mpmmpmppmhhh *gag*
by Jason & Britny October 19, 2007
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