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The erratic and aggressive driving exhibited by a person driving a Daewoo.

This extreme form of road rage is usually triggered by the anger the driver feels about how shit his car is. The nature of Daewoo parts is to break, fall off and fail. This sends the driver into a extreme rage which is then taken out on the car, the road and the other drivers around.
Officer: Can you explain why you had your car sideways across 3 lanes of traffic, causing several accidents and damaging a bus shelter?

Stefan: Sorry officer, my air con stopped working for the second time this month, radiator shat itself and my rearview mirror broke off. I was overcome by Daewoo Fury

Officer: I feel you bro
by Daewoo Dave January 02, 2012
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The fury one experiences from owning and driving a Daewoo, usually due to controls breaking and panels falling off, often resulting in erratic and extreme driving behaviour.
Johno: "What happened to your tires mate, you've only had them a week and they're already bald!"
Davo: "Been experiencing a bit of Daewoo Fury after my door panel fell off, been handbrake turning every corner."
by The Renolution January 04, 2012
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